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Taylor Swift Will Dress Like a "Robot with a Sword" at the Met Gala

And wishes she could raid Blake Lively's closet. (Same.)

In accordance with her appearance on the May cover of Vogue, Taylor Swift let Vogue's "73 Questions" video team into her home for a barrage of nonstop questions. The best things we learned? Calvin Harris planted an olive tree in her yard for Christmas. Jay Z loves Momofuku Milk Bar cake. She keeps a VMA award next to her three fancy coffee machines. Her favorite drink is a vodka with Diet Coke. At the time of filming, right before the Grammys, she was scared to go to Coachella for the first time. (Looks like she got over her fear.) Swift's favorite fashion trend is "high-waisted stuff," and for the Met Gala, she will be dressed as a "robot with a sword." You heard it here first, Swifties. 

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