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Chantal's Starry, Day-to-Night Jumpsuit

Turn your body into a (celestial) wonderland.
The Reformation Spades jumpsuit, $198, available at Reformation.

The Reformation Spades jumpsuit, $198, available at Reformation.

Over a year ago, my mother long-term lent me a navy blue jumpsuit that has gotten me through many a red-carpet scenario. It has wide pant legs and thin shoulder straps. It is snug without being tight and the fabric is formal enough to allow me to pass along in an unnoticed-yet-sophisticated manner at fancy industry events. As such, I try not to wear it for off-duty occasions, when the odds of spilling beer and ketchup on my chest are extremely high.

You know what that means! It's time to get a another jumpsuit, just like my mom's, but more astrological. Voila! The Reformation has such an item. It has wide, flowy pant legs. It has narrow shoulder straps. It is covered in STARS! Take that, mercury in retrograde. It's a onesie that I can wear all summer long, from sweaty days on someone's roof (remind me to make a friend who has a nice roof) to crowded nights at my neighborhood bar (remind me to find a neighborhood bar). It's the kind of outfit that a lady can get into some delightful spring mischief while wearing — my April horoscope says so, I promise.

Reformation Spades jumpsuit, $198, available at Reformation. 

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