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Meet Youth to the People, the Beauty Brand That Aims to Make Anti-Aging Chic

It's like green juice for your face.

As many West Coasters know, juicing is a way of life. Instead of a Starbucks on every corner, our Los Angeles counterparts have a cold-pressed juice store on each block, giving them easy access to all of the kale and spinach they need to start their days the proper way (sans sugar-filled latte). 

This aforementioned easy access to kale juice inspired Youth to the People, a 100 percent vegan skin-care line started by cousins Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes, who also just happened to grow up together knee-deep in the beauty industry. They spent their entire childhood playing (and eventually working) at their family's skin-care company, started by their grandmother over 30 years ago. Not only was she one of the first to bring natural and botanical ingredients to the U.S., she also started the first advanced skin institute. At a launch event for beauty press in New York on Thursday, the duo talked to us fondly about learning the ins and outs of skin at an early age (that's what happens when you’re born into a family of estheticians), as well as learning the value of a facial in your teenage years. 

Now that their grandma is retired, she has plenty of time to weigh in on their line — calling multiple times a week to tell them about a new buzz-worthy ingredient that may be of interest. As for the ingredients they care about right now? Leafy greens. Youth to the People launched with three main products: Age Prevention Cleanser ($36), Age Prevention Moisture Cream ($48) and Age Prevention Firm and Brighten Serum ($62). The cleanser is actually a gel made with kale, spinach and green tea that helps your skin glow, instead of stripping it. The moisture cream can be described more as a soufflé texture, and contains the well-loved super-ingredient hyaluronic acid in addition to green tea, kale and spinach to both protect the skin and restore it. Finally, to round the trio of products out, the lightweight serum uses a fast-acting peptide molecule called Tripeptide 37 to help maintain skin elasticity and promote collagen. 

Plus, the fragrance in all of the products and hint of color in the cleanser and cream are naturally derived from the ingredients, which are cold-pressed from superfood extracts. Gonzalez and Cloyes also know what they're doing in the design department: the former actually designed the branding (from jars to boxes) himself, working off the idea of your juice press store's clear ingredient list. This minimalistic aesthetic has appealed to a younger audience, and the boys note that they've found themselves growing in the age demographic of 25 and below. It's not something you would expect when making anti-aging products. 

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Part of this can be attributed to their retailers – currently YTTP is sold on Birchbox, Urban Outfitters and in niche boutiques such as Shen Beauty. But, there is also no denying the fact that these products simply make for a great Instagram, and perhaps that's pushed Millennials towards proactive anti-aging usage. As for what's to come? Gonzalez and Cloyes both promised more is in the works to roll out soon, and yes, there will be face masks.

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