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Benefit Revealed Its Biggest Brow Collection to Date By Hosting a Vlogger Convention in Vegas

And we got in on the magic.

This past weekend I flew to Las Vegas — along with 93 vloggers and Instagram influencers — to experience what Benefit Cosmetics coined "BeneVegas." The brand known for its pink, bold and cheeky packaging wanted to make an impact for its summer launch of a new range of eyebrow products — and that it did.

Why gather in Vegas, you ask? Julie Bell, Benefit's EVP of global marketing, told us that since Vegas is known for being, well, magical and transformative — and your brows are the most transformative feature on your face — it made perfect sense for the company's biggest brow launch to date.

While the editors on the trip (myself included) were treated to a sneak peek at the products ahead of time, all of the influencers remained in the dark to be surprised the morning of. So, as we headed into a theater that had been rearranged so we could each sit at our own personalized vanity table — complete with a ring light, so we would be well-lit for #selfies throughout the event — I knew my brows would be getting a good makeover.

Benefit has already established itself as a go-to brow destination, but with this launch — which has been three years in the making — the brand is looking to put itself on the map. If you didn't know, Benefit has over 1,800 brow bars around the globe and waxes 5 million eyebrows per year. Bell noted that the classic products for which Benefit has become so well-known (like Gimme Brow and Brow Zings) would remain in the collection, but there were new shade enhancements to revamp them. Benefit's ultimate goal with this extensive brow line was to launch an entirely transformative collection that works globally — with shades that were actually tested to be universal around the world. 

This is where the international influencers come in: Bell added that Benefit wanted to gather them in the same room so that they had the ability to simultaneously spread the word to their followers around the globe — from Hrush Achemayan (aka the Kardashians' go-to makeup artist) who's originally from Armenia, to Linda Hallberg, a popular blogger and makeup artist from Sweden. If you didn't spot the #BenefitBrows hashtag trending on social media, you clearly aren't following some of the biggest names in the business. Everyone who's anyone in the biz was there, including big-wigs like Kandee JohnsonJeffree StarManny Gutierrez and the ever-controversial TrendMood. Bell explained that they are the ones who make the goods "real" and can truly "help people understand our products."

The nine-product range is comprised of mistake-proof shades that address every brow issue out there, from easily faking a natural brow to grooming unruly hairs. The shades are determined by numbers that then match up throughout the entire range, so if you're a "1" in one product, you remain consistent throughout. As for the existing brow products that have been upgraded, those are Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel ($24), which comes in a new shade, and Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit ($32), which has expanded to six shades from its original three. High Brow and High Brow Glow Highlighting Pencils ($22) have been reformulated to be creamier for a smoother application, too.

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Benefit Brow Products

Photo: Benefit Cosmetics

As for the new products in the line, I was most impressed with Ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Brow Color ($24), the most foolproof cream gel I've ever gotten my hands on — and it literally doesn't budge. There are also two brow pencils: One is aptly named Goof Proof Brow Pencil ($24) as it is created to only stick to your hairs, and not your skin. On the other hand, Precisely, My Brow Pencil ($22) has an ultrafine tip to help you draw super-tiny strokes to fill in any bare areas and extend your brows if you've waxed or tweezed them too short. 

There is also a new highlighter for your brow hairs, called 3D-Browtones ($24), which applies easily just like a clear brow gel would. (Of course, there is a clear brow gel called Ready, Set, Brow ($24) which locks everything in place.) My favorite product of them all though? The BrowVo! Conditioning Primer ($28) that nourishes the skin and brow hairs to promote growth with it's soft tip applicator. Plus, it primes your brows for makeup application. 

I wasn't the only one impressed: All of the products got rave reviews from the hand-picked influencers (who, let's face it, created the infamous "Instagram brow") so you know they passed a tough crowd. Dalal Aldoub, an Instagrammer from Kuwait who boasts a whopping 1.7 million followers, jokingly referenced the staying power of Ka-Brow, saying, "In Kuwait, [it's so hot] we're melting, so this is great." 

The products don't launch until June 24, but now you know what to get your hands on in order to achieve brows that are the caliber of the world's most influential beauty experts. You heard it here first.

Disclosure: Benefit provided my travel and accommodations to attend and cover the launch.