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The Random and Weird Clutch Relevant to Maria's Interests

Who *doesn't* like Lisa Simpson?
BFGF WWA Neoprene Clutch, $72, at

BFGF WWA Neoprene Clutch, $72, at

The best shopping discoveries are the ones that happen by chance and on the Internet. Case in point: a neoprene clutch that features Lisa Simpson, a Nike swoosh and various types of fruits and flora. It combines several of my (unrelated) interests, all on one accessory. 

I first saw this print in Franchise, a the newly launched magazine on the culture of basketball, which led me to its creator, an art brand called BFGF and its Instagram. The designer/artist behind it is Lilian Martinez, who is one-half of Ola~Onda, a husband-and-wife creative duo based in Los Angeles. Not only can you find this randomly awesome motif on the zip-up pouch pictured above, but also on a woven blanket, scarf, slip dress, swimsuit and even a bean bag.

All of this was learned while trapped in a social media clickhole with some good old-fashioned Googling. God bless the World Wide Web.

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BFGF WWA Neoprene Clutch, $72, at

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