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At Condé Nast, Clothing Rental Is Now an Employee Benefit

Thanks to a new partnership with Rent the Runway.
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Starting Tuesday, Condé Nast is teaming up with Rent the Runway to offer its employees the benefit of monthly clothing rentals. 

That's right: Alongside health insurance and gym memberships, Condé Nast will be offering a discounted rate on Rent the Runway's Unlimited subscription to help its full-time staffers get dressed for work. According to a release, Condé Nast will cover a portion of the $139 monthly fee for the service, marking the first corporate sponsorship for Rent the Runway. Of course, Condé Nast parent company Advance Publications Inc. was amongst a 2014 round of investors giving Rent the Runway around $60 million, so it's not really that weird, but still interesting to see that the company is considering the wardrobe of its employees in its benefits package.

We don't really see, say, Elizabeth von Thurn und Taxis taking advantage of this offer anytime soon, but assistants around 1 World Trade can breathe a little easier knowing that the next time they accidentally run into Anna Wintour in the elevator banks, they won't have to shuffle to hide their beat up Longchamp bag from college. 

You'll still need a Stanley Tucci-style godfather in the fashion closet for Chanel boots though — Rent the Runway doesn't offer shoe rentals just yet. (Or Chanel, for that matter.)

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