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Dhani's Minimalist, Walkable Slide Sandals

These slides are taking the 'Fashionista' team by storm.
Everlane slide sandal, $98, available at Everlane

Everlane slide sandal, $98, available at Everlane

I've had a surprisingly complicated time finding what might be the literal simplest shoe style: slide-on sandals. They're either too narrow or seem to want to come off my feet while I walk, requiring that I squeeze my feet muscles at all times, which isn't fun. Or, they rub that spot on the inner sides of my feet and create blisters.

However, I think I've finally found the slides that do none of those things, thanks to the thoughtful folks at Everlane and their Italian shoe artisans — also the purveyors of my favorite loafers that aren't Gucci.

These leather slides are the ideal shape, with a very low heel for a hint of elevation — both aesthetic and literal. For that reason, after seeing them at a press preview, I immediately marked the date they would be going on sale on my calendar. So far, I've only taken them for a spin around the office, and while I think the leather will take a little breaking in (just like the loafers did), they remained firmly on my feet with ease and don't create any friction. Alyssa just bought a pair too, so if you want to be as cool as the Fashionista editors you should probably get on board. Also, if you want to try some on before you buy and live in NYC, you're in luck.

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Everlane slide sandal, $98, available at Everlane.

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