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The Dead Don't Rest, and Neither Do the Living on This Week's 'Game of Thrones'

We, on the other hand, need a serious nap.
Like Arya, I am also now weirdly attached to Fake Cersei. Photo: HBO

Like Arya, I am also now weirdly attached to Fake Cersei. Photo: HBO

Spoilers, obviously.

Another episode of "Game of Thrones," another presumed-dead Stark back in the game (Lady Stoneheart, I still believe!!!!!). On episode six, "Blood of My Blood," we got a lot of table-setting — plot-wise and dinner-wise. From Braavos to beyond The Wall, plans are being set in motion that should bring all our players back together sooner rather than later. 

Also, some of them wore clothes! So let's talk about that!

Margaery Cleans Up

Okay, but does she have to wear gray all the time now? Photo: HBO

Okay, but does she have to wear gray all the time now? Photo: HBO

Both literally and spiritually, it would seem. The High Sparrow has finally gotten his hooks into Margaery (or so she would have everyone believe #margaerytruther), which means she has accepted her punishment and wishes to atone. Thankfully, for the High Sparrow, atonement means you get to have a nice shower and brush your hair back into a respectable half-up hairdo. Even her sad, gray dress has some shape to it! The High Sparrow — or Margaery #margaerytruther — has the ultimate coup when Tommen arrives and it is announced that the crazy religious fanatics and the crown are partnering up. Hoo boy! 

Arya Doesn't Want to Rush Anymore

Not the face of a girl who has no name. Photo: HBO

Not the face of a girl who has no name. Photo: HBO

Just on the eve of her acceptance into Kappa Murderous Assholes, it seems that Arya has had a change of heart. Having her watch a play about the events that lead her on a quest for revenge, and ultimately, to Braavos, was a nice bit of storytelling that allows Arya to remember who she is — not a faceless nobody, but Arya Stark, daughter of the murdered Ned and Catelyn Stark. She tells Fake Cersei that the real Cersei wouldn't just cry over her trauma; she would want to punish the people who did this to her. Even dressed as a Braavosi girl, the same can be said of Arya. 

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She knocks the poison from Fake Cersei's hand, warns her against Fake Margaery (again, what a nice bit of story-within-a-storytelling), and fetches Needle from its hiding hole. It looks like Arya might be heading back to Westeros — but if the girl with good braid game has anything to do with it, there's still one final act of hazing left for poor Arya.

Finally, Gilly Gets a Makeover

Makeover! Gilly and Sam show up to Horn Hill, and are greeted very kindly by Sam's mother and sister. They find Gilly to be lovely, and Sam's sister immediately sets off to find a dress that matches Gilly's complexion. I don't think she was quite on the mark with this brown and gold gown — but then, I'm not sure any of her gowns would have worked. This is the first time on this show I've seen a character cleaned up and missed her more disheveled days. "It's hard to walk in this," Gilly says of her new attire, and it's clear the dress just doesn't fit her; polished up to look like the ladies of the house, she appears more out of place than ever. Once a wildling, always a wildling. 

The chill thing about wildlings, though, is they don't give a farthing (or Westeros equivalent) about rules and society and niceties, so Gilly lays right into Asshole Tarly when he starts bitching about how Sam (who found a White Walker, dad!!!!) isn't really a man. It looks like this may be the only time we see Gilly dressed as a lady, as she, the baby, and Sam are headed off (with the family Valyerian steel sword, C U SOON HEARTSBANE!!) to friendlier pastures. 

Daenarys Is Back, Baby

Looks like somebody came to win. Photo: HBO

Looks like somebody came to win. Photo: HBO

Just how many outfits did Daario pack for his lost Khaleesi? She's riding with her khalasaar through the desert in an olive green leather number (side note: what is with these people wearing leather in the desert?!) complete with fingerless gloves and arm bands. She looks pretty badass on her horse, but Daario challenges her, wondering if she's up for the challenge that faces her. 

You know what the ultimate trump card is? Riding a really big dragon onto the field. Take that, Daario. What does one wear to ride a dragon into battle? More leather, probably.

Wait a Second, Who TF Is This Guy?!

We've got mother-effing Coldhands in the mix, everybody! A mysterious masked man, who appears to be half dead or frozen, swoops in to save Meera and Bran. When they ask for his identity, he reveals his face — and wouldn'tcha know it, it's ol' Uncle Benjen Stark, who went missing north of The Wall way back in the first season. It's long been a fan theory that Coldhands in the books (whose identity has yet to be revealed, come on GRRM can't you PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING COME ON) was Benjen, a fact which George R.R. Martin (that no-writing sonofabitch) has denied in the past. Either the show is taking liberties at this point (not unlikely) or GRRM has been lying (also not unlikely and which wouldn't be necessary if you finished the books, George!!!!), but either way, Benjen is now on Bran-dragging duty.

In an Iron Man-style twist, Benjen was saved from the White Walkers by having a shard of dragonglass shoved into his heart, and, apparently, drinking raw rabbit blood. Will he join up with our heroes in the south to form some kind of medieval Avengers? Tune in next week.

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