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Harry Styles Cut His Hair for Charity, Is an Actual Angel

Harry Styles PRE-LIFE-CHANGING HAIRCUT. Photo: Getty Images

Harry Styles PRE-LIFE-CHANGING HAIRCUT. Photo: Getty Images



Harry Styles cut his hair.

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On this, what should have been an average Friday, all our lives have changed. The magical creation known as Harry Styles's hair is gone. We know this because he posted the evidence of his crime to his Instagram mere minutes ago. 

"Whoops," he captions it, knowing full well what he did was a brazen and intentional act of defiance. I will take a break from the dramatics to inform you that he also used the hashtag #Littleprincesstrust, which implies he's donating his hair to a good cause because Harry Styles is an actual freaking angel. It also helps to remember that he does also look great with short hair (hashtag fbf).

Whether he cut it for his upcoming film role or because he'd been growing it out for charity this whole time (as some suspected), we have to accept that it's gone. We must now all wait with baited breath to see what Harry Styles looks like now, sans lustrous locks. If you need me, I'll be over here breathing into a paper bag.

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