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Hey, Quick Question: Why Is the Net-a-Porter Sale Full of Frida Giannini-Era Gucci?

We're talking spring 2012, people.
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Joan Smalls killed in this look on the Gucci spring 2012 runway. Photo: Getty Images

Joan Smalls killed in this look on the Gucci spring 2012 runway. Photo: Getty Images

Welcome to our new column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

Like any self-respecting fashion fanatic, the first thing I did upon checking out the Net-a-Porter sale was to narrow the selection down to just Gucci pieces. I was shocked to find a rather robust five pages worth of sale items — after all, the hype surrounding Alessandro Michele is such that the brand is seeing high sell-through rates at full price. But a quick scroll through those five pages solved that mystery pretty quickly while creating an entirely new one: Many of the Gucci items for sale date clearly back to Frida Giannini's reign as creative director, which ended at the beginning of 2015. Awkward. 

There's a Giannini-credited silk jumpsuit ($1,250, half off the original $2,500), as well as a sequined tulle top ($2,200, half off the original $4,400) and an embellished mesh skirt from fall 2013 ($4,900, half off the original $9,800). Some of the sale pieces go back as far as spring 2012, including a flapper-style strapless dress ($4,450, half off the original $8,900) and a gold-fringed leather dress ($2950, half off the original $5,900).  The listings for these pieces are so old, only one of the images work, and sizing is really limited. 

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Considering that it's an end-of-season sale, one would expect to find mostly spring 2016 items and perhaps some lingering resort 2016. Seeing these seasons- and, in some case, years-old Gucci pieces in the mix is jarring. It's not hard to imagine that Net-a-Porter is using the Michele-spurred Gucci-mania to offload some older pieces gathering dust in a stockroom, but the real question is: Why does Net-a-Porter even still have pieces this old? Is it possible that Gucci is using the Net-a-Porter sale as a kind of sample sale outlet? Or does Net-a-Porter just hang onto things that don't sell from brands that perhaps don't allow their items to be pushed to The Outnet? If that's the case, we'd love to see that archive...

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