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Ryan Gosling Kicks Off 'The Nice Guys' Press Junket in a Too-Tight Suit

"I feel like I'm going steady with these pants."

Ryan Gosling, semi-reclusive actor and noted hot dad, has a history of looking uncomfortable in fancy clothing — and of being impossibly charming on late night talk shows. These two Gosling-isms came together flawlessly on Monday, when he stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to promote his new comedy "The Nice Guys," which hits theaters on May 20, meaning that we likely have 10 glorious days of press junket goodness ahead of us. 

However, Gosling's been off the circuit for a while, causing him to make a rather embarrassing sartorial misstep. He admitted to Kimmel that he didn't try on his suit before coming on the show — maybe because he was too busy HAVING A SECRET BABY — leading to some hilarious, if not uncomfortable, banter. "It's so tight... it's wildly inappropriate — I feel like I'm going steady with these pants," Gosling quips, later adding, "I can't feel my calves." Of course, Kimmel takes this tidbit and runs with it, because gratuitous objectification of Ryan Gosling is a one-way ticket to good ratings. (Especially the part where he attempts unsuccessfully to cross his legs.)

He remains adorably sheepish about his tight suit throughout his visit, including the portion when he acts out a scene from the film with an extremely lucky member of the audience. Hats off to you, Karen, for nearly living out our collective dream of getting into Gosling's pants.

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