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SHADES OF GREY Is Hiring A Production Coordinator In DUMBO, Brooklyn

SHADES OF GREY, a fashion event and photo production company, is hiring a production coordinator. The ideal candidate should have relevant work experience and internships within the fashion industry focusing on event planning, event production or photo shoot production.
Image courtesy of SHADES OF GREY

Image courtesy of SHADES OF GREY

SHADES OF GREY, a fashion event and photo production company, is hiring a production coordinator to be based out of its office in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York.  

The ideal candidate should have relevant work experience and/or internships within the fashion industry focusing on event planning, event production, photo shoot production and/or creative / photo agency operation. Experience in fashion PR / communications, while useful, is of lesser day to day relevance.

This is not a fashion “creative” job — while the candidate should have a broad interest in the fashion industry, those interested in fashion design, styling or PR should look elsewhere. This is an exclusively operational role supporting an agency that brings high-impact fashion imagery and experiences to life. 

Primary job responsibilities include: 

  • Organizing, monitoring and overseeing all activities and communication between agency and third-party suppliers / vendors on all agency jobs 
  • Organizing all job-related communication through the course of a job, including meeting agendas / recaps and all logistic correspondence  
  • Verifying all job-related communication and documentation for accuracy across changes in job brief and scope 
  • Assist with breaking down client briefs and requirements into defined scopes of work, including vendor outreach and research as needed 
  • Procurement of formal third-party estimates against required scopes of work, including the ability to quickly source multiple bids for a brief
  • Insuring operational organization across the team assembled for a job 
  • Regular, weekly organization and reconciliation of all job-related credit card and bank charges, across all agency staff members 
  • Preparation of outbound job-related expense summaries as well as weekly internal expense summaries  
  • Scheduling of multi-party meetings and conference calls 
  • On-site production presence and support during client jobs 
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The ideal candidate for this position will possess: 

  • True passion for organization and consistency — enjoyment in developing, adhering to, enforcing and continually improving operational standards (from file naming and archiving protocol, to developing templates with consistent font systems for the labels on the folders in the cabinet) 
  • Excellent formal business communication abilities, both verbal and written 
  • Professional judgment and ethics, as well as business acumen and discretion 
  • Strong analytic abilities and obsessive attention to detail — being able to quickly identify key information, discrepancies, updates and differences within a high-volume information environment 
  • Extreme aptitude in distilling, organizing and presenting information effectively — including creating presentations, agendas, and spreadsheets that are as effective at communicating key information to clients, vendors and partners as they are beautiful  
  • An eye for clarity and clean and simple design — someone who is keenly aware of look and feel across all communication channels  
  • True digital nativity — spot the difference between a 100MB and 6MB PDF, and know when each is appropriate  
  • Ability to rationally multi-task — maintain multiple ongoing initiatives in an organized manner that can be quickly communicated to team 
  • Ability to prioritize and delegate based on immediacy — assessing current workload, and prioritizing based on your contextual awareness of client deadlines, dealbreaker situational deadlines, and internal priorities  
  • Ability to keep both your supervisor and direct reports proactively updated  
  • Full mastery of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Apple Keynote, including advanced formatting and functionality  
  • Full mastery of Mac OS and iOS 
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite 
  • CAD drafting experience a plus, but not required 
  • Bachelor’s degree with relevant work and/or internship experience 

Compensation is commensurate with experience.   

A minimum of three professional references are required, and will be contacted. 

Please submit your PDF resume along with a brief description of your interest and relevant experience to

For more information, please visit and follow the agency’s work on Instagram at @shadesofgreyco.