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This Exfoliating Scrub is Brightening Gemma's Month

It's reached cult-like status in Korea, too.
Photo: Soko Glam

Photo: Soko Glam

I think my skin might be "stressed out" because it's been looking pretty dull for the past month or so. Obviously, dullness is not reason enough to visit a dermatologist, so I've turned to Skinfood's black sugar mask for some help. I've heard that it's reached cult-like status in Korea, and it's not hard to see why. It's gentle, so that your skin doesn't feel stripped of all moisture once you wash it off, but it always leaves my face feeling smooth and soft afterwards. More importantly, my complexion looks brighter every time I use it. This one's a keeper for sure. 

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask, $14.70, available at SokoGlam.

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