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Snoop Dogg's Response to His $924 Vetements Shirt Is Amazing

"Are you serious?!"
Snoooooooooop! Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Snoooooooooop! Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

When it comes to Vetements offering its own high-end versions of everyday pieces like DHL merch and Champion sweats, the companies they play on have been pretty chill about it. DHL Express CEO Ken Allen gave the Vetements shirt a try, and at a recent press preview for Champion, a spokesperson said only good things to us about the attention. But what about Snoop? The French brand emblazoned a T-shirt with the rapper's face for its fall collection, and the piece goes for $924. 

On Thursday, Hypebeast's Aaron Miller had the chance to ask Snoop Dogg about his thoughts on the French luxury brand using his image for fashion and profit. (A Twitter user reports that the T-shirt is actually an updated version of Snoop's "Beware of Dogg" tour merch from 1993.) Although the rapper had no clue that he was associated with one of the most-talked-about brands right now, he did have a hilarious response to the super-steep price tag:

"Are you serious?! Where do you buy that shirt? How do you sell a picture of Snoop Dogg on a T-shirt for $924?... I wouldn’t even pay 900-something dollars for a Snoop Dogg shirt and I know the muthaf***a. Hell nah, hell nah! Nah, but that’s a good thing man, continued success to whoever sellin' it man, hopefully one day soon y’all give me something. Break bread or fake dead, y’all know what it is!"

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True, true. But seriously, if Snoop is literally the face of a nearly $1K piece of apparel at least give him a cut! Now, time to speculate who will get the Vetements treatment next? Maybe Lorde's "vetements is uncool now" tweet on a hoodie?

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