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Taylor Swift Remains Fully Committed to Chokers

Even in formal red carpet settings.
Photo: Frazier Harrison/Getty Images

Photo: Frazier Harrison/Getty Images

A new era of Taylor Swift style has dawned, and while she may have traded her princess gowns and platform heels for Anna Wintour-approved (mandated?) bleached hair and Vetements boots, one thing has not changed: her near-manic commitment to having style signatures. 

Was it only three weeks ago that fair Tay declared that chokers were the new flower crowns? Perhaps being on tour is sort of like living under a rock, because a lot of Swift's famous friends have been wearing chokers since last summer — especially Gigi Hadid, who made them something of her own signature, thanks in part to stylist Monica Rose

But no matter. Taylor Swift has discovered the choker and thus, we will likely be seeing them until her next style change, which should come like clockwork in about two years. The latest iteration was this black diamond version by Noudar, worn on Tuesday night to the 64th Annual BMI Pop Awards in Los Angeles. It does pair rather nicely, if not predictably, with her Monique Lhuillier velvet column slip dress, we'll give her that.

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