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Must Read: Zendaya & Toms Kick Off 'One Day Without Shoes,' Beauty Blogger Reveals Lip Kit Ingredients

Plus, Chloë Grace Moretz finally confirms she's dating Brooklyn Beckham.
Zendaya on Tuesday in Los Angeles with Toms. Photo: Toms

Zendaya on Tuesday in Los Angeles with Toms. Photo: Toms

These are the stories making headlines in fashion this Tuesday.

Zendaya and Toms visit LA school on "One Day Without Shoes"
To kick off "One Day Without Shoes," a Toms annual initiative which raises awareness of the health risks children face without proper footwear, Zendaya joined a team from the footwear brand to visit a Los Angeles elementary school, donate shoes and spend time with the kids. It is the ninth year for Toms's charitable event, during which the company plans to donate 10,000 shoes to children in 10 countries. Follow the movement on Instagram with #withoutshoes. {Fashionista inbox}

& Other Stories announces latest co-lab collection with Zana Bayne
Zana Bayne, a New York City artisanal leather handbags and accessories designer, has collaborated with & Other Stories on a collection of leather pieces due out this fall. Bayne and co-creative director Todd Pendu "juxtapos[ed] the hard and soft throughout" the co-lab collection, "taking pieces such as the leather harness out of its connotations and making it an elegant accessory for layering," said Bayne in a statement. {Fashionista inbox}

Tradesy raises $30 million
Online consignment site Tradesy raised another $30 million in Series C funding from investors Richard Branson, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, John Doerr and Wildcat Capital Management. Tradesy will use the funding for more TV ads and to hire data scientists and taxonomists. The site has raised a total of $72 million since launching in 2012. {Recode and Fashionista inbox}

The cost of being a model
Being a model seems glamorous and easy, but according to a new report, many models never see a huge chunk of their earnings. Agency commissions and business expenses (plane tickets, head shots, portfolios) add up and since models are often considered independent contractors, they usually have to pay for it all themselves. {CNN Money}

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Zayn Malik goes futuristic in "Like I Would"
In his fourth music video for his solo album, "Mind Over Matter," Zayn Malik dons "Tron"-esque costumes for "Like I Would." {YouTube}

Chloë Grace Moretz confirms relationship with Brooklyn Beckham
Nineteen-year-old actress Chloë Grace Moretz finally confirmed to host Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live!" that she is in a relationship with 17-year-old Brooklyn Beckham. "I think the more I don't make it mysterious, the more people don't care, so, yes, we're in a relationship," she said. Regarding Beckham's famous Mom and Dad, Moretz said that they are "very good parents" and "they made a pretty son." {Teen Vogue}

The ingredients behind Kylie Lip Kits
An eagle-eyed beauty blogger named Stephanie Nicole noticed that Kylie Jenner's new Candy K had the exact same ingredients as ColourPop's more affordable Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick. "The ColourPop one does have a few other ingredients in there, which are filler products, but every single thing that's in these Kylie Jenner lipsticks are in the ColourPop ones," says Stephanie. (You can see a detailed comparison here.) "The extra money is not going for product development or better ingredients... when they saw the huge response, they cut some corners, and took a good formula and made it cheap.”{YouTube via Nylon}

Digiday's Shareen Pathak and Hilary Milnes on luxury brands, legacy publications and the launch of Glossy
Managing Editor Shareen Pathak and Senior Reporter Hilary Milnes of Digiday talk about the launch of Glossy, and what readers can expect in terms of coverage. Said Milnes: "...we really feel that there's space for a modern publication that acts like a modern publication. That also really does its duty on reporting and goes deep, and shows an honest view, and isn't a curator or an aggregator, and does it on a daily basis." The two also shared their thoughts on luxury brands that have been quick to embrace change, such as Burberry, and legacy publications that have been slow to adapt. {Redef

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