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Let Alexander Wang DJ Your After Party With Apple Music

The streaming service has partnered with Wang, who contributed three different mixes he'll be updating throughout the year.

The connection between music and fashion may be well documented, but even within those close-knit communities, Alexander Wang is especially known for partnering with and being influenced by musicians such as Missy Elliott, the Weeknd, Ludacris, Madonna, Lady Gaga and many more. He also has a reputation for throwing epic parties. 

Apple Music picked up on all this and chose Wang as the first designer collaborator for the streaming service's new fashion curator program. (Vogue, Dazed, Made to Measure and Burberry all have channels.) Wang has shared three playlists entitled "Chill," "Hype" and "Vibe," filled with "dark, sexy vibes and turn-up anthems," according to the landing page. He's also filmed a commercial for the service, in which Wang preps for a party — filled with black balloons and plenty of ice — only to hit a snag before the guests arrive. On Instagram, Wang explained the clip is "inspired by true events." 

The designer will also keep updating the playlists throughout the year as his music tastes evolve according to the seasons. "Year-round I’m always trying to find music and define who the character that season is, thinking about the show, the energy and the venue, so I start collecting a playlist throughout, using it like a memory bank for songs I like," he told Vogue in an interview about his relationship with music. Wang also explained that "Chill" is for hanging out at home (Rihanna, Drake and Juicy J), "Hype" is for his infamous party bus and going out (Diplo, M.I.A. and Lil Jon) and "Vibe" is for pregaming (A$AP Rocky, Rich Homie Quan and Meek Mill). No matter what kind of night you're having, Wang has you covered. 

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