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Amazon Partners with Fashion Bloggers for Anti-Body Shaming Campaign

Susie Bubble, Hana Tajima and more want you to #SaySomethingNice.

Thanks to films like "The Devil Wears Prada" and shows like "Kell on Earth" (#tbt), the fashion industry has earned a reputation for being a bit nasty. Amazon Fashion's latest campaign is aiming to turn that around.

A new video titled "Say Something Nice" stars international style bloggers like Susie Bubble, Camille Charriere, Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, Masha Sedgwick, Freddie Harrel and Gala Gonzalez, alongside model Clementine Desseaux and fashion designer Hana Tajima, talking about times they've felt judged for their bodies or their style choices. The low production value makes each clip feel like a personal, shot-at-home confessional (and considering they all look to be at home, they very well may have been). The group also admits to times they've judged someone else for their choices, but vows to change that. 

At the end of the video, they all pledge to say something nice and to turn negative judgements into compliments. "Let's make fashion and social media a place where you can experiment without fear of judgement," Tajima says. Amazon Fashion will promote the video on its social channels for a month, though with a European-based group, it's unclear if it will also be pushed in the U.S. (Amazon Fashion's last campaign with blogger Chiara Ferragni was a European exclusive). Of course, there's nothing stopping Americans from getting in on #SaySomethingNice.

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