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Watch Anna Wintour Do Stand-Up Comedy (Yes, Really) In Honor of Amy Schumer's 'Vogue' Cover

"Wintour is coming." *mic drop*

Amy Schumer snagged herself another magazine cover, but this time it's the big one. It's Vogue, people! For the publication's July 2016 issue, Schumer worked with Annie Leibovitz again — they previously partnered up for her Vanity Fair cover and her Pirelli Calendar spot — on a Hollywood glamour-inspired photo shoot set in Central Park and at her comedy club stomping grounds. 

Speaking of the comedy club, what we're more excited about is the fact that you get to witness Anna Wintour do stand-up in a digital short to go along with the cover story. Yes, you read that correctly. In a hilarious video written by Schumer herself, the two decide to switch careers with the idea that it's an easy feat for both of them. "There's not much to it really," says Wintour about her editor-in-chief gig. But once Schumer experiences her first run-through for a fashion editorial, she realizes it might not be so glamorous and simple after all. "Is that a shirt? And a skirt? Got it," she says behind oversized sunnies while holding a giant-sized coffee reminiscent of the wine glass in Schumer's "Football Town Nights" sketch. 

Wintour, however, kills it at her Comedy Cellar debut. We always knew that she was blessed with a funny bone, but seeing her in action (although, yes, scripted and staged, etc.) really made our Thursday morning so, so much better. Watch the video above to see the editor throw some jokes and drop the mic.

Amy Schumer on the "Vogue" July 2016 cover. Photo: Annie Leibovitz

Amy Schumer on the "Vogue" July 2016 cover. Photo: Annie Leibovitz

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