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11 SPF Lip Products You Need in Your Life Right Now

Don't neglect your lips, people.
Don't neglect your lips! Photo: Imaxtree

Don't neglect your lips! Photo: Imaxtree

If you're someone who cares at all about your skin — its health, its youthfulness — you're also someone who wears sunscreen religiously. That's a given. But even if you're obsessive about slathering on broad-spectrum SPF every day (good for you, you dermatologist's dream come true!), chances are, you're still neglecting a few key sun-vulnerable areas. Don't forget to use sunscreen along your part (or wear a hat), on the backs of your hands (they show signs of aging first!) and on your lips. 

Lipsticks and balms spiked with sun protection aren't exactly new — but the formulas available now are significantly better than versions of the past. They offer legit protection against UV rays without compromising on texture, moisture or general cool factor. Below, we rounded up 11 of the absolute best sunscreen-lip product hybrids that we plan to wear all summer long. Bonus: Every single one of these picks has an SPF of at least 20. See? Legit. (But it's still crucial to remember to reapply throughout the day!)

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