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Constance Jablonski Made A Braided Updo Look Cool

This braided topknot is how we want our hair to look every single day this summer.

The term "braided updo" (for me, at least) instantly brings to mind bad prom hair and the early 2000s. But leave it to Constance Jablonski and hairstylist Jennifer Yepez (who also regularly works with ZendayaGigi HadidJessica Alba and Jourdan Dunn, no big deal) to come up with the least-fussy, most enviable take on the style ever. 

The slightly roughed-up texture of Jablonski's inverted, French-braided topknot lends just enough softness and DGAF-ness to transform what might normally be a fairly basic look into a model-worthy one. Another thing that's great about this style is that it's a genius way to get your hair off of your neck in the summer — even those short, annoying layers that might typically fall out of a ponytail. By weaving said annoying layers into the braid, you're securing them up and out of the way without needing to fish around for every bobby pin currently residing in the bottom of your purse. So to sum it up, it's exactly how we want our hair to look every single day this summer.

It takes a little practice and dexterity to get it right, but this look is absolutely DIY-able: After rough-drying your hair for texture (and maybe misting in a bit of texture spray for good measure), flip your head upside-down and start an inverted French braid at the nape of your neck, pulling each section of hair under as you go. As you approach the crown of your head, pull the remaining hair into a highly placed topknot, secure it with an elastic (or badass bun cuff!), and you'll be all ready to start your modeling career.

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