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We Just Met Our New Favorite Character on 'Game of Thrones'

Plus, we're living for Lady Margaery's makeover.
Look at this girl! Photo: HBO

Look at this girl! Photo: HBO

Spoilers, obvi.

I know the biggest piece of news from this week's "Game of Thrones" is that The Hound is back! But the biggest revelation to me is a new character, the pre-teen Lady Mormont, who is basically my new hero. 

But there were a lot of other things happening, like Queen Margaery's pious makeover and Yara's, so let's discuss the fashion highlights from the seventh episode of the season, "The Broken Man."

This Girl Is the GOAT

On the sad Stark tour of the North, we get to meet Lyanna Mormont, who I would vote for if she was running for king of Westeros. She's not putting up with anyone's flattery or bullshit, and displays the sort of wisdom that comes with being put in charge of your House at age 10.

Being the effective Lord of House Mormont means Lady Mormont doesn't have room for the sort of frilly, girlie frocks Sansa once favored. She's dressed like a Northern Lord in somber furs and leathers, and her hair is pulled back without any kind of adornment. I hope we see a lot more of Lady Mormont because she's basically my new life inspo.

Less happy with her though is Sansa, who is finding the Northern Lords to be a tough crowd. Props to her though: Not only is her new dress and fur a great outfit, her lip gloss is popping. It's tough to keep up that kind of look in the cold! 

Queen Margaery's Reformation Is a Good Lewk

Pretty in Penitence. Photo: HBO

Pretty in Penitence. Photo: HBO

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Margaery isn't feeling the urge to get it on with her husband (which, did anyone else feel really weird during that whole conversation?), which means she's also covered up her once very revealed bosom. That's okay, we're still really into her Sister Wives / Little House on the Prairie denim-looking situation. Not to mention that tiara! It incorporates the antlers of House Baratheon and the roses of House Tyrell quite nicely, and looks lovely perched on her simpler hairstyle. 

It is a bummer though, because after hearing her grandmother could be in danger, Margaery passes a secret message encouraging her to return home immediately. It's a shame: We'll miss Lady Olenna. 

Yara Greyjoy Is Finally Getting Some

The pains of being an older sister! You're all ready to get some from a hot piece and your brother has to be a Debbie Downer. While hardly qualifying for loving sibling moment of the year, Yara forces Theon to pull his shit together by telling him to either kill himself and be done with it or commit to being a Greyjoy again. (Theon says if he had any justice his burnt body would hang from Winterfell, which, tru, but stop moping already.) Dressed in armor, Yara forces Theon to drink and try to loosen up, just a little, even if Uncle Asshat is on the way to kill them. Mostly, I can't get over how amazing Yara's hair constantly looks. Is there a product out there that would replicate that for me without all the boat captaining?

Oh Damn 

Where ur braids at tho? Photo: HBO

Where ur braids at tho? Photo: HBO

The girl with good braid game, aka the Waif, has given up her braids and also any semblance of playing nice when it comes time to, you know, stab Arya in the gut. She disguises herself as an old woman — the God of Many Faces has many uses — and sneaks up behind Arya to attack.

Like so. Photo: HBO

Like so. Photo: HBO

Poor Arya. Arranging for a ship at dawn was never going to be enough with the House of Black and White after her. If we know anything about the Starks — Arya in particular — it's that they're mostly pretty resilient, which means I don't think this is how Arya Stark dies. 

Things are heating up! There's only three episodes left in the season, and you know what that means: Shit is about to GET. REAL.

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