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The Boyfriend Jeans Maura Would Wear Every Day If She Could

And sometimes, I do!
Genetic Denim Gia boyfriend, $129, available at Genetic Denim.

Genetic Denim Gia boyfriend, $129, available at Genetic Denim.

As you might be aware if you read this website a lot, I'm from the Midwest, and that upbringing has encouraged my love of denim. I wear some variation of jeans nearly every day, to the extent that I devote more attention and financial resources to them than anything else in my closet. I care a lot about the denim in which I routinely cloak my body, and consider myself a "specialist" of sorts on the subject.

Enter Genetic Denim, which created what might be favorite-ever boyfriend jeans, ever. I know that's redundant, but I stand by it — they're that great. Not only do these high-waisted Gia pants have a soft, crazy-wearable quality, but they also hit the ankle at just the right spot, making them the perfect companion for sneakers, heels, sandals and everything else. They're self-distressing, too, meaning that the slight rips in the fabric widen and fray over time, as any decent pair of jeans are meant to. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better pair, and that's coming from a "specialist."

Genetic Denim Gia boyfriend, $129, available at Genetic Denim.

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