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The Brand New Glossier Highlighter That Stephanie's Already Obsessed With

Bonus: It takes two seconds to apply.
Glossier Haloscope Highlighter, $22, available at Glossier.

Glossier Haloscope Highlighter, $22, available at Glossier.

As the no makeup-makeup trend rages on (for the record, I'm staunchly in favor), one brand leading the pack is Glossier. Each addition to the company's ever-expanding makeup offerings is created with one goal in mind: that it can be applied easily without a mirror. And Haloscope, a dewy, creamy highlighter stick available in two shade options, is a prime example of that rule in action.

The highlighters are substantial they're pretty much the exact size and shape as a glue stick you'd use in elementary school. That means it takes only a few quick swipes to instantly illuminate all of the spots you'd want illuminated. My preferred method of highlighting (or "strobing," as the kids are calling it these days)? Draw a "C" shape from your brow bone down along your cheek bone, then blend it in with your fingertips. Repeat it on the other side. (This should take approximately two seconds, max.) Then pat your finger into the highlighter directly and lightly dab a bit more of the formula at the inner corners of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose and on your Cupid's bow. 

The best thing about this shimmery-but-not-glittery version is that you really can't overdo it. And unlike some highlighters that can easily turn you Edward Cullen-glittery, this one's radiant finish comes from a combination of superfine crystals (like, actual ground-up crystals!) and a core of oil-based moisturizers, so the finish is always dewy and Instagram filter-y, not at all slick or sparkly. While two shade options (Topaz is warm and golden; Quartz is a pale, pearly pink) doesn't exactly sound inclusive, they're surprisingly versatile. Topaz works well on dark, medium and even olive skin tones, while Quartz is ideal for anyone who is fair or has pinkish undertones. Those sweltering, humid summer days will be here in NYC before you can say "Mr. Softee" so I find myself prepping by asking the question "What is the least amount of makeup I can wear and still not look like a zombie?" This highlighter is going to be a definite go-to.

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Glossier Haloscope Highlighter, $22, available at Glossier.

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