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The Foolproof Way to Cut Your Bangs, No Matter What Length They Are

Save some time and money with these quick tricks.
Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

Blame Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung or Dakota Johnson, but sometimes you simply see a bang hairstyle and have to have it. And then, without really, truly thinking through the upkeep of the bang – you’ve got ‘em.

Whether you opted for that blunt edge bang across your forehead or a ‘70s inspired wisp, everyone knows that these babies still require a hell of a lot of upkeep. Your entire morning routine changes (bangs aren’t just a roll out of bed and go kind of ‘do) but they also tend to require frequent salon trims.

If you err on the lazy side (or you're simply too busy to book a bang trim every couple of weeks) here’s how you can master it yourself without causing them to look like a DIY hack job. Try these helpful tips from Kerastase Paris Consulting Hairstylist Matt Fugate and Andy Sutphen, hairstylist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger.

For Eye-Grazing Bangs:

If you opted for an eye-grazing bang, both Fugate and Sutphen suggest that to trim them yourself, pull them outwards (away from your face) and use your scissors vertically to slowly trim them. Sutphen also reminded us to never cut a straight line across, as that would be too severe – instead cut “into” the bang from the middle, working your way out.

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For Those Side-Wisps:

If you have longer, side-swept bangs, Fugate suggested to lift your bangs up and out making a “unicorn horn” with them and then slightly pull the hair towards the shorter side of the swoop. With the hair still held up, gently snip away at the first inch of the hair in your little horn. Sutphen also reminded us that at home, less is always more when it comes to a bang trim.

For Blunt Bangs:

If you have blunt bangs, Fugate suggests using a comb as your guide to help the trimming process at home. “Comb hair down and try to rest the comb at the desired length, and then snip underneath the comb,” Fugate told us. Sutphen also suggested that before starting, you should blow dry them straight so that you’re looking at straight hair to work with.

For Curly Girls:

Sutphen told us that the best way to trim curly hair is to actually trim very little of it at a time. “To play it safe, work curl by curl until you have your desired bang.” Fugate also echoed that sentiment, saying that you should think of them like a bonsai tree constantly pruning them a tiny bit at a time. “It’s not a one time bang trim with curls,” Fugate said.

To Style Like A Pro: 

And, if you want to get your bangs to look exactly how they do when you leave the salon, Sutphen recommends blow-drying bangs from left to right, and then straight. This way you’ll kill any cowlicks or wave patterns and they won’t fall too flat. To add pieceiness to the bang, Fugate loves to use Kerasatase Elixir Ultime Serum Solide ($45), and if you need a bit of texture, Sutphen favors Shu Uemura Dry Texture Spray ($39) for that naturally done-yet-undone look.

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