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Must Read: Kardashian-Approved Waist Trainer Company Settles Suit, Rick Owens is Interviewed on Facebook Live

Plus, a brief oral history of "The Devil Wears Prada."
The winning cover of Elle UK's reader poll. Photo: Elle UK

The winning cover of Elle UK's reader poll. Photo: Elle UK

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Elle UK reveals crowdsourced model cover
For the first time ever, Elle UK let readers vote on a cover and, in another "first," it's a group shot. Featuring some of the coolest faces of the moment - Ysaunny Brito, Bhumika Arora, Sofie Hemmet and Maggi Jablonski - the issue celebrates individuality and "fashion's brave new spirit" and will hit newsstands on July 5. {Elle UK

Guess waist trainers don’t work after all?
Waist Gang Society LLC, a Kardashian-endorsed “waist training” company, has settled a $5 million deceptive marketing class action suit. The plaintiff, Sara Hawes, filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Los Angeles, refuting the company's claims that the corset-like undergarments actually burn fat and control the user’s weight, which the plaintiff said are “completely false and misleading." {The Fashion Law}

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Rick Owens gets candid on Facebook Live
Right after his spring 2017 menswear show at Paris Fashion Week, the enigmatic designer Rick Owens spoke to Vogue Runway via Facebook Live about the inspiration behind the collection and the power of the fashion show: “I’ve always said that runway shows are ceremonies of beauty,” said Owens. “I believe that’s what fashion shows can do, and that’s what I’m always conscious of.” {Facebook}

The cast of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ share secrets behind the film
Ten years (!) after hitting theaters, we still can’t get enough of what has to be the most quotable fashion movie ever. “I never had any idea that my lines would get quoted to me every single week of my life,” said Emily Blunt, who played Miranda’s first assistant in the film. Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway credits the movie’s appeal to the universal nature of its story about a demanding boss. “Everybody has had an experience like this,” she said. {Variety}

Kylie Jenner might be opening a beauty store
If her Snapchat can be considered a reliable news source (which in 2016, it kind of is), then getting your hands on a Kylie Lip Kit might be a bit easier soon. “Looking for Kylie Cosmetics stores right now,” said Jenner in a recent Kylizzle snap, panning her camera onto an open, empty storefront for all her followers to see. Shortly thereafter was another similar clip, with the very eloquently stated: “makeup store is about to be lit!” {People}

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