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On Instagram, Louis Vuitton's Resort Show Comes Out on Top

The brand's multi-day affair in Rio de Janeiro reached nearly as many people on the image-sharing platform as Dior and Gucci's shows did combined.
Models at Louis Vuitton's resort 2017 collection in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: Fernanda Calfat/Stringer

Models at Louis Vuitton's resort 2017 collection in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: Fernanda Calfat/Stringer

Over the past week and a half, three major fashion houses — Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton — hosted impressively elaborate, multi-day destination trips as part of the unveiling of their resort 2017 collections. Louis Vuitton held its show, along with a round of dinners and chartered helicopter tours, in Rio de Janeiro; Dior at Blenheim Palace, just northwest of Oxford in the UK; and Gucci at Westminster Abbey in London.

While each of the brands was keen to make an impression on the few hundred press, clients, buyers, celebrities and other guests in attendance, they were equally — if not more — keen to make an impact on the public, particularly via Instagram, whose importance in recent years has changed everything from model casting, to set construction, to the design of the clothes themselves. Curious how each of the houses stacked up to each other, we asked Instagram analytics company Dash Hudson to pull some numbers for us.

Of the three events, Louis Vuitton's had the greatest reach: Posts tagged with the @LouisVuitton handle reached more than 190 million people over the course of two days; the #LVCruise hashtag was seen by nearly 200 million on show day alone. (There were, of course, plenty of posts that were tagged with both.) By comparison, the #DiorCruise hashtag reached 127 million users, and posts tagged with the @Dior account received 145 million by day two. Gucci came in third: The #GucciCruise17 hashtag reached a little more than 100 million users over two days, and posts tagged @Gucci reached 90 million over the same period.

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So why did Vuitton come out on top? We can make some educated guesses. For one, it was hosted on Memorial Day Weekend, when users had the time and leisure to scroll through dozens of photos (Dior and Gucci were both held during the week). It also had the greatest celebrity presence: Catherine Deneuve, Alicia Vikander, Zendaya and Jaden Smith were all in attendance. Indeed, Zendaya's post of her outfit generated the greatest number of impressions — 8 million — as well as likes on show day. And then there was the location: the Oscar Niemeyer-designed Niterói Contemporary Art Museum where Louis Vuitton hosted its show was stunning. So was Dior's Blenheim Palace — but the pouring rain prevented guests from taking nearly as many photos of the venue as they might have.

...A reminder that even the best-planned Instagram strategy is not immune to the effects of the weather.