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Rihanna Gets a Fashion Alien Makeover in New ‘Sledgehammer’ Video

Step one: remove eyebrows, step two: wear Rick Owens.

It's comforting to know that even in space, Rihanna is still the hottest thing with a heartbeat. On Thursday, the artist dropped her new music video for "Sledgehammer," an epic, Sia-written ballad that serves as the theme song for the upcoming "Star Wars: Beyond" film. 

Ms. Fenty interpreted the extraterrestrial theme quite literally, removing her eyebrows, adopting a small collection of new face tattoos and cloaking herself in what looks like a burnt orange sheet but is in fact a Rick Owens design — all characteristics of alien life forms, apparently. Meanwhile, the desert landscape reads more "Tumblr" than Mars, bathed in an ethereal pink and purple light.

Alternate theory: Maybe this is just Rihanna's home planet, and we're getting a glimpse at her otherworldly natural habitat. 

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Watch the clip above.

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