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Shiseido Wants People to Kiss Their iPhones

Insert obligatory "Her" reference here.
Shiseido just launched a new digital experience. Photo: Getty Images

Shiseido just launched a new digital experience. Photo: Getty Images

Not long after a man who married his smartphone in Las Vegas made headlines (don't worry, it's not legally recognized and it was all his way of creating some sort of social commentary), cosmetics company Shiseido is asking people to make out with their mobile devices. Insert obligatory "Her" reference here.

Shiseido's new interactive mobile site, "Rouge Rouge Kiss Me" — which launched on Tuesday as a lead-up to the launch of a 16-shade lipstick collection on Friday — seeks to create a shared experience between two people. And yep, you have to kiss your phone in order to make it work.

Here's how it works, as explained by WWD

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"The campaign encourages two people — who might be anywhere from different rooms to on different continents — to kiss their smartphone screens simultaneously to create a virtual kiss. Created in partnership with Tokyo-based creative firm TeamLab, the first person who wants to kiss someone visits and enters their name so a personalized link is generated for them to send to whomever they wish to kiss. From here, the receiver gets the link via text or e-mail, clicks it and once both people arrive at the site, they pick the shade of Rouge Rouge they want their kiss to appear in and a countdown will begin. Once both people 'kiss' each other, the two lipstick marks are captured on-screen together and creators can design and personalize a 'Kiss Monster' GIF to share over a text, e-mail or the social media platform of their choice."

Shiseido also rolled out a "smile-rating app" last week that visually assesses users' smiles by measuring facial movements and assigning them a numerical value. So there's a lot going on right now with Shiseido and intriguing tech ventures. We're having a hard time imagining anyone actually wanting to kiss their phones IRL (reminder: there is hella bacteria on there, typically more than you'd find on a public toilet seat!) but it's certainly an intriguing concept.

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