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The Video Game Sneakers that Are a Serious #Throwback for Karina

Game over.
Vans x Nintendo Shoe, $65, available at Zappos

Vans x Nintendo Shoe, $65, available at Zappos

I will readily admit that I’m not-so-secretly a big nerd. Yes, I write about fashion and beauty for a living, but when I get home? Time for Netflix and Mario Kart wars with my boyfriend. So naturally, when Vans announced its Nintendo collection, I already knew that there would be some sick printed canvas slip-ons involved. (Spoiler alert: There were many.)

While the NES print speaks to my love of old-school gaming systems and the Princess Peach one is undeniably adorable (my allegiance does, however, lie with Princess Daisy. Sorry, but brunette solidarity trumps all.), it’s the 8-bit Super Mario Bros color way that has me ready to run to my nearest Journeys and snatch them up. It not only reminds me of the hours I spent playing the game on my mom’s original Game Boy, but I also can’t think of a shoe that will sooner bring a smile to anyone’s lips. And if it doesn’t cheer you up, then you’re in serious need of the magical floating gold star, my friend.

Vans x Nintendo Shoe, $65, available at Zappos

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