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ALAB Group Is Hiring A Senior Publicist, Coordinator, and Assistant In New York, NY

ALAB GROUP is an innovative consultancy founded on the principle that PR and communications is a multisensory experience and engagement process.

Positions Available: Senior Publicist, Coordinator, and Assistant

ALAB GROUP is an innovative consultancy founded on the principle that PR and communications is a multisensory experience and engagement process. Because of that, ALAB GROUP has mastered a unique blend of PR, Marketing, and Creative Services Practices that allow them to collaborate with fashion, tech, and hospitality brands and services.

ALAB GROUP is looking to expand its philosophy and team with a dynamic, engaged, creative and strategic individual who values and understands the changing communications/PR landscape and needs.

The following individual should be:

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  • Highly creative – sees opportunities for connection via oral, written, and in-person engagement and can do so on behalf of a brand’s point of view.  
  • A traditionalist when it comes to professionalism! – Shows up early, [because being on time is late!], presents in a well-spoken manner, looks the part and exudes a commanding sense of self in which clients/individuals feel, know and trust. 
  • Consistent – Does everything right, repeatingly. Minimizes the wrong and learns quickly as to why. Hard worker that attempts to do everything correctly and learns from those mistakes.  
  • Flexibility – Openness – Willingness – Has a can do attitude with an open mind and spirit to experiment with the “known” way of doing business and explore other tools for the engagement process.  
  • Strong Oral and Written Skills – Has a strong understanding of modern day communication styles but executes a level of professionalism when knowing the different audiences one must communicate with.
  • Integrity – Able to be accountable for act on any statements made, say you will do something when you will do it, supports and is supported by the team, shows up and delivers with their presence.  
  • Wise beyond their years – Operates with a greater awareness and understanding of how the world works – even if you haven’t fully experienced it yet.  
  • Humble & Hungry – Will do whatever it takes to get the job done and at top grade, driven and motivated by challenging circumstances and deadlines. Operates from a place of needing to prove not owning already.  

The Job Role [Overview]  

  • Pitching – Simply put, knows the message, knows the audience and knows how to connect the two.  
  • Events – Strong planner, executer, follow-upper. Cares about the details as it is all about the details.  
  • Meetings – Prepared, knows what to say and when to say it, can lead a meeting and or actively listen when necessary.  
  • Reporting – Can informally provide updates when necessary and is actively engaged with the team. Additionally, can write formal reports based on the format per the client’s preferences.  
  • Brainstorming – Free flowing of ideas, has your own method to actively participate in this process via individually or in a team setting.  
  • Strategic Planning – Can map out concepts with a purpose and the stages/procedures to obtain the results associated.  
  • Presentations – Camera ready.  
  • Admin Duties – Appreciates and has a joy for paper trails, excel lists, color-coding, and more. 

A Plus…. 

  • Photoshop skills 
  • Creative background  
  • In house or agency experience [but not necessarily required]  

** We are a small team but with a big impact. We value teamwork, hard work, your creative process, and the quest to push boundaries. Future girl and boy bosses encouraged! Let us get to know you by sending your resume and any relevant creative work or samples to