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Alicia Vikander Just Wore An Awesome, Updated Version of a Classic '90s Hairstyle

Who knew the bubble ponytail could look so chic?
That's some swoon-worthy hair, ladies and gentlemen. Photo: Getty Images

That's some swoon-worthy hair, ladies and gentlemen. Photo: Getty Images

Alicia Vikander routinely kills it in the hair department, and her look at Monday's London premiere of the new "Jason Bourne" movie was no exception. But allow us to travel back in time for a moment — before we get to discussing the gorgeousness of Vikander's ponytail.  

The '90s were a booming heyday for ponytails, which rose to mainstream prominence on "Full House" where Stephanie Tanner's signature half-up side ponytail reigned supreme. 

Stephanie Tanner doing her thang. Photo: Giphy

Stephanie Tanner doing her thang. Photo: Giphy

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And then there was the bubble ponytail. You'd use as many colorful elastics as you could get your hands on to create multiple sections down the length of the tail. This style had absolutely no chic factor because, well, multiple colorful hair elastics were involved. And then it made a fashion-y resurgence a few years ago at Valentino's fall 2014 show and soon Kendall Jenner wore her own #fashun take on the look to the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Both of those interpretations were sleek, nape-of-the-neck ponytails with crazy-long extensions. Part of the popularity of this style stems from its versatility: No matter your hair type, it's flattering and fairly easy — assuming your hair is long. (This video tutorial breaks down how to get it on natural-textured hair.)

And now, Alicia Vikander has reimagined it once again (or rather, her hairstylist George Northwood has) with a softer, more textured effect.

A close-up, profile view reveals that the look starts with soft twists along the sides of Vikander's head, and then gathers into a low, cascading rippled ponytail. Stunning, no?

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