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Must Read: Amy Astley Makes 'Architectural Digest' Debut, Underpaid Male Models Turn To Instagram

Plus, is Vetements already having an identity crisis?
Anderson Cooper on the "Architectural Digest" August 2016 cover. Photo: Architectural Digest

Anderson Cooper on the "Architectural Digest" August 2016 cover. Photo: Architectural Digest

These are the stories making headlines on Friday.

Amy Astley's first Architectural Digest issue stars Anderson Cooper
Amy Astley hit the ground running when she left Teen Vogue for the editor-in-chief role at Architectural Digest in May. Her debut issue for the design-focused publication arrives on stands on July 12, featuring Anderson Cooper and his Brazilian vacation home. While much of the August issue's content was overseen by former editor Margaret Russell, Astley introduces herself in a letter from the editor. Her first full issue will arrive in September. {WWD}

Male models use Instagram to negotiate higher rates
Female models earn an average yearly salary that's 148 percent higher than that of male models, meaning it's hard out there for guys to catch a decent paycheck. So they're turning to Instagram to garner a bigger social media presence in order to earn higher rates for modeling gigs. For some casting directors, a male model's large following could take precedence over an impressive portfolio. {Glossy}

Is Vetements already having an identity crisis?
After a whopping 18 collaborations were featured during Vetements's spring 2017 show at Paris Couture Week, writer Madeleine Holth questions how far the French brand will "traverse the commercial, irony-laden route?" Sure, the amount of brand associations, including velour tracksuits from Juicy Couture, may have come off as excessive, but was it a way for the collective to express its opinion on the fashion industry. Or is it a desperate call for attention? It's hard to tell for such a young brand. {Highsnobiety}

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Homepage image: Amy Astley. Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images