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7 Luxurious Green Beauty Brands You Need to Know About

They've stepped up their game when it comes to branding, packaging, scents, texture and all-around chicness.

Natural beauty brands have had a tough time shaking the crunchy, hippie label that often is automatically associated with organic, small-batch or all-natural products. But over the past few years, that's changed in a major way. Green beauty is becoming less of a niche market as beauty consumers have become conscientious about what goes into their makeup. And that also means natural beauty brands have begun to step up their game when it comes to branding, packaging, scents, texture and all-around chicness. 

The past few years have seen an influx of natural brands that are prioritizing naturally derived formulas without sacrificing effectiveness—or user experience. "We want to redefine what modern luxury is," says Hillary Peterson, the CEO and co-founder of Mill Valley, CA-based brand True Botanicals. "Part of that should be results, and part of that should be safety for you and the planet." Scroll down for seven of our favorite natural beauty brands to watch.

RMS Beauty

"I became a raw foodist, and then I started playing around with raw oil that hadn't been 'cosmeticized'," says makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, referring to the weakened benefits from ingredients as a result of manufacturing processes. RMS Beauty, Swift's namesake brand, sources natural coconut and jojoba oils for its eye polishes, lip and cheek tints, best-selling Living Luminizer and Contour Bronze, one of its newest launches.

True Botanicals

"It was the combination of the word 'true' and what it means to be true as a brand and as a person, and the power of botanicals," says Peterson, who was inspired to create her own skin-care brand after having trouble finding natural formulas that were effective and completely free of what she viewed as harmful chemicals. "That's what our brand is: identifying the most transformative ingredients in nature and curating them in a way that really impacts skin."

Grown Alchemist

Whether you're looking to address uneven skin tone, anti-aging or visible pores, Australian-based company Grown Alchemist makes a product (wrapped in Instagram-worthy packaging) for you. Given the brand's uber-effective formulas paired and the most stylish sans serif font ever, it's no surprise that they've attracted curated beauty retailers, including The Dreslyn, Net-a-Porter and Shen Beauty.

Bite Beauty

Toronto-based Bite Beauty uses food-grade ingredients in its range of lip products, so you don't have to feel guilty about your post-lunch lipstick disappearing act. The brand's newest lineup of Amuse Bouche lipsticks contains resveratrol (the same antioxidants that justify that nightly glass of vino) in addition to mango seed, avocado, olive, apricot and argan oils.

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After a recent facial sponsored by the brand, I finally experienced what it meant to have that post-treatment glow. My skin felt radiant and smooth, thanks to the regimen of French green clay-infused cleansing and exfoliating lotions, serums and masks.

Fig +Yarrow

Fig + Yarrow began as a botanical-bent niche brand and has since permeated the luxe beauty space. Devastatingly chic packaging aside, the impressive array of cleansers, masks and body products have since catapulted them to peak #shelfie status. 

Tata Harper

As one of the OG's of natural beauty, Tata Harper is now charting new territory with a range of tinted lip balms (pictured above) and a range of radiance-boosting skin care, including a highlighter/contouring duo. Harper's products are proudly 100 percent natural, and they're produced entirely at her 1,200 acre farm in Vermont. 

Homepage photo: Instagram/@figandyarrow

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