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Where Fashion People Get Their Engagement Rings

No Tiffany & Co. here.
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A lot of us unmarried folk fantasize about getting married, dressing up like a Duchess and throwing a wildly fancy party. A lot of us even have a secret (or not so secret!) Pinterest board dedicated to the stuff. But, first things first: Engagement rings certainly aren't necessary in this day in age — but if you feel they're an important part of your nuptial journey, we have some non-cookie-cutter ideas for you.

While there's nothing wrong with the big-name jewelers we know and love — Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Forevermark, De Beers (and for fans of "The Bachelor," Neil Lane), to name a few — folks in fashion have a certain penchant for indie artisans. Not only do these smaller brands make it easier and more affordable to create striking bespoke pieces, but the end result is often more unique than your typical platinum princess cut. Fashion people devote their careers to the new and the interesting — plus, they're the first to hear about up-and-coming talent.

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With that in mind, we compiled 10 smaller, more niche jewelers making engagement rings for the fashion crowd. We looked primarily in New York and Los Angeles and considered those companies generating organic buzz; if we kept seeing one particular rock on Instagram, its creator probably made it onto this list. Read on for a rundown of each one, including its signature product and typical price point. (It's important to note that these price ranges are based on the product available online and do not take into account custom work.)

Without further ado, scroll on through 10 indie jewelers catering to fashion people in 2016. (And for more help with your engagement ring search, head here.)

Anna Sheffield Jewelry

Hometown: New York

Instagram: @annasheffield

Price point: $1,500-$25,000

Signature product: Hazeline Solitaire Ring (with a matching Nesting Suite)

Anna Sheffield is so committed to sustainably- and ethically-sourced materials that nearly all of her pieces are one-of-a-kind. Recycled metals and rare antique stones are often incorporated into each ring, including emerald, ruby, sapphire and other semi-precious gems. Clients can also create bespoke or customized rings in-person via a custom design meeting in New York City or remotely via Skype. Pieces can be made to order in four-to-six weeks from the date the design is finalized.

Monique Péan

Hometown: New York

Instagram: @moniquepean

Price point: $18,700-$64,260

Signature product: Octagonal Ring

If you recognize Monique Péan's super-sleek Octagonal Ring, it's likely because it's made an appearance or two (or, like, eight) in your Instagram feed. (Does Hannah Bronfman's much-photographed rock look familiar?) The New York-based jeweler has become a go-to for cool-girls of a certain income level since its launch in 2006, and places an enormous emphasis on sustainability. Not only are her materials sourced through Fair Trade initiatives, but a percentage of her proceeds goes towards charities that provide clean drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries. 

Dana Rebecca Designs

Hometown: Chicago

Instagram: @danarebecca

Price point: $330-$1,980

Signature product: Sophia Ryan Stacking Band

This Chicago-based jeweler's solitaire-less rings have reached a cult-like level of popularity on all coasts, not just in the Midwest. Her pieces typically come in three gold color ways — white gold, rose gold and yellow gold — and incorporate constellations of smaller, .5-carat diamonds throughout the band. The silhouettes are as architectural as they are wearable, making them a tempting option for those in search of a less traditional ring.

Jennie Kwon Designs

Hometown: Los Angeles

Instagram: @jenniekwondesigns

Price point: $710-$10,180

Signature product: Diamond Elevate Ring

Primarily comprised of dainty, balanced pieces, Jennie Kwon's namesake jewelry line is crafted to reflect her daily surroundings in Los Angeles. Though she works largely in gold and, for engagement purposes, diamonds, she also incorporates colored gemstones — opals included — for some truly breathtaking rings. They're also quite versatile in design and in that vein, perfectly stackable if the client is in the market for an extra bauble or two. Might we recommend the graceful and understated Tri Pearl Ring?


Hometown: Brooklyn

Instagram: @mociun

Price point: $300-$2,800

Signature product: Old Euro Diamond Solitaire

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Another favorite of the Instagram set, Brooklyn-based Mociun is a fantastic option for those in the market for practical, comparatively affordable bespoke pieces. The jeweler does a hefty custom business, the results of which have no doubt made many appearances in your social media feeds. Mociun's ethical practices have remained a top priority since it was founded in 2011, and that includes recycling scrap metal and incorporating antique diamonds and gemstones.

Misa Jewelry

Hometown: Los Angeles

Instagram: @misajewelry

Price point: $225-$5,885

Signature product: Baguette Diamond Ring

Misa Jewelry's founder Misa Hamamoto draws inspiration from her childhood in Hawaii and Micronesia, and incorporate elements of nature into her handcrafted designs. The way in which she physically crafts her pieces is notable: She relies on the ancient art of lost-wax carving, in which she first carves the designs from wax before commencing the casting process with molten metal. Her engagement offerings range from classic halo solitaires to asymmetrical bands made to resemble a sunrise.

Ana Khouri

Hometown: New York

Instagram: @anakhouri

Price point: $1,950-$15,600

Signature product: Juliet Ring

A favorite of the editorial world, Ana Khouri's engagement pieces are heavily rooted in her penchant for sculpture, which she first studied in her native Sao Paolo, Brazil. Her designs are recognizable in their sharpness, leading to a striking assortment of solitaires and bands alike. Oh, and she calls them "finger pieces," not rings — how's that for sophisticated?

Irene Neuwirth

Hometown: Los Angeles

Instagram: @ireneneuwirth

Price point: $3,700-$14,600

Signature product: Gemstone Ring

If you're a bride who's not afraid of a splash — or full-on tidal wave — of color, Irene Neuwirth's creations are right up your alley. Though these earrings, cuffs and cocktail rings can often be spotted on any given red carpet, they remain highly wearable despite their intense hues and raw gemstones. The designer knows her stuff, of course: She was nominated for CFDA Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014, and won the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design the latter year.

Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

Hometown: New York

Instagram: @satomi_kawakita_jewelry

Price point: $585-$16,130

Signature product: Hexagon Ring

Born and raised in Japan, Satomi Kawakita's craftmanship is simply exquisite — as a professional diamond setter, her rings are meticulous enough to land themselves on Catbird's permanent register. While innately traditional and simplistic, her pieces incorporate an unexpected and unique sense of flair she expresses in natural gems, minerals and metals.

Erica Weiner

Hometown: New York

Instagram: @ericaweiner

Price point: $470-$12,000

Signature product: Gilded Age Diamond Solitaire

In Erica Weiner's downtown Manhattan or Brooklyn storefront, it's difficult to tell which pieces are authentically vintage and which are simply vintage-inspired. That's the point, of course: These fine jewelry pieces — all made in New York — are handmade to combine the elements of the best rare antique, manifesting in Deco-perfect embellishments, early Victorian cuts or even Edwardian detailing. 

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