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An Activist Dressed as a Giant Karl Lagerfeld To Protest Fendi's 90th Anniversary Show

Complete with sunglasses and white hair.

When Karl Lagerfeld presented the first-ever couture collection for the house of Fendi in Rome last July — arguably the industry's most extravagant use of fur on the runway — animal rights activists were on the scene. And at Fendi's 90th anniversary show on Thursday in Rome, one protester stepped up his or her game beyond the typical signage and yelling by donning a giant Karl Lagerfeld costume, complete with what appears to be a papier-mâché head mask of the iconic designer. The fake Karl posed motionless holding a sign that read: "Fendi: Fur is Death," marked with the PETA logo. PETA UK's Instagram account posted a video of the costume with the following caption:

All fur is a product of torture and misery, and on fur farms, many intelligent wild animals are driven insane during their short lives by wretched conditions before facing gruesome, painful and terrifying deaths by methods that include vaginal or anal electrocution, gassing and poisoning. Lagerfeld is willing to put a fox or mink through all that just for a coat, so it makes us wonder how his beloved cat #Choupette would feel if she knew.

Lagerfeld has seeming always been immune to protests like these, but we're wondering if this one — with a frightening costume in his likeness — struck a deeper chord.

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