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Hey, Quick Question: Does Gigi Hadid Know It's Summer?

Girl, what are you doing?
Even models will do anything for the street style moment. Photo: Getty Images

Even models will do anything for the street style moment. Photo: Getty Images

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

As often happens in July, the weather in New York City has been unbearably hot. There's nothing unusual about that — it is summer, a season which reliably arrives at the same time each year. This one is a scorcher thanks to a heat dome currently parked over the northeast, which has us mortals gnashing our teeth, rending our clothes and begging God for forgiveness for whatever terrible sin we have collectively committed to bring this terrible curse on our families and our livestock.

Gigi Hadid, though, is no mere mortal — she's a supermodel. And like street style stars and people who live in Los Angeles, supermodels don't have to worry about things like "weather" when it comes to getting dressed. That's just about the only reasonable explanation we can come up with for all of the outfits Hadid has been spotted in over the past month. Looking at them in succession, one might think that perhaps an unusual chill (brought on by the Great Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift Snapchatposé of 2016, perhaps) had settled over New York.

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But no. It has, in fact, been hot as balls here in the city since the clock struck midnight on July 1. If it were up to us, we would all run around in various states of nudity trying to escape this hellscape, but we can't because of "dignity" and "societal rules." One has to wonder why Professional Hot Person Gigi Hadid would not take full advantage of her status to romp around the city in the tiniest garments possible. Is she incredibly cold-blooded? Has she been ill? Is she — as we have often wondered — not actually human, but a robot sent to Earth to make us all feel bad about the status of our abs?

We're not sure. Whatever the reason, though, she persists in making us break out into a sweat just looking at paparazzi photos of her. Chantal has kindly transposed the high temps of each day over each photo of Gigi just to prove how truly insane some of these outfits are — and remember, these are not even real feel temps, which have soared over 100° many days this month.

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