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John Oliver Talks Contouring and Eyebrows, Is the Actual Greatest

Because our makeup routines could always use a little 'Johntouring'.
"It's about blending." Photo: YouTube

"It's about blending." Photo: YouTube

We love John Oliver for his always spot-on satirical take on current events, but if his latest edition of 'Fan Mail' is of any indication, we think Oliver could seriously thrive in the beauty vlogger realm as well.

He starts out the webisode with what he describes as "the least anticipated makeup tutorial of all time". Unsurprisingly, he's talking about contouring — specifically his own own take on the trend, affectionately dubbed 'Johntouring'. "It's about blends. It's about blending the makeup, is what I think it's about," says Oliver while using sweeping hand motions alongside the hollows of the cheekbones. (Nice technique, John!)

Later on in the clip, Oliver also gets to talking about brows. He addresses comments from YouTube viewers describing his eyebrows as "magnificent" and "alien caterpillars [that] move independently of each other." But no matter where you fall on the debate over John Oliver's brows, one thing is for sure: They're certainly bold enough to rival Cara Delevingne's enviable arches, and Oliver took note of this, crowning himself "the new queen of eyebrow thickness" before warning the model to "step off." What can we say? All's fair in love... and eyebrows.

Watch the full video below:

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