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Kylie Jenner Defends Her Lip Kits on Instagram After Recent Controversy

Haters, take note.

Budding teen beauty mogul and walking billboard for the "Instagram makeup" aesthetic Kylie Jenner made headlines this week when her company, Kylie Cosmetics, received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. The grade resulted from a number of customer complaints about billing issues and questionable quality of the brand's popular Lip Kits. On Wednesday, Jenner posted an emotional (and frankly, quite sassy) defense of her company and the products on the brand's Instagram page:

Jenner seems to have taken customers' complaints seriously, as she made evident in the personally signed statement. She backs up the quality of the products and assures customers that she's heard them, loud and clear. In the caption below the post, Jenner suggests that the company may be considering "lowering domestic shipping or doing some special free shipping days," as issues with shipping were among customers' chief complaints. However, Jenner also takes the opportunity to get a bit defensive, calling into question the motives behind those who have complained about Kylie Cosmetics. The statement included some not-so-subtle shade at "people coming for [her] business."  You tell 'em, Kylie.

After having given the company an F rating on Tuesday, the Better Business Bureau has now evidently revoked that grade and instead updated the page to reflect a pending ranking. However, as of now, Kylie Cosmetics remains un-accredited by the BBB.

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