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Jen Atkin and Lisa Eldridge Teamed Up For A Hair and Makeup Tutorial You Need to Watch

Two beauty geniuses, one really great tutorial.

What happens when two celebrities of the beauty world join forces and make a video together? In short, wonderfulness. When Los Angeles-based hairstylist Jen Atkin traveled to makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's native London recently, the duo sat down for a really adorable hang-out session that they fortunately also committed to film. A bit of a departure from Eldridge's usual makeup tutorial videos, this one shows the pair talking about when they first met and their personal beauty routines. 

But toward the end of the clip (after giving Eldridge a navy-blue Kylie Lip Kit to put on), Atkin demonstrates her technique for getting her signature undone cool-girl waves. It involves lots of Ouai products (duh), a diffuser, a curling iron and a flatiron — and while that may sound excessive and insane, it actually seems pretty reasonable and easy when you watch Atkin do it. I'd recommend watching the full video because it's full of feel-good Friday vibes we could all probably use right now, but if you're eager to get straight to the hair tutorial, skip to 14:25.

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