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Dhani's Sweet Little Embroidered Top

"Inspired by a vintage find from Mexico," according to Madewell.
Madewell embroidered wildfield top, $98, available at Madewell

Madewell embroidered wildfield top, $98, available at Madewell

In warmer months, when sweaters and button-downs aren't an option, my shirt game is pretty sad and boring, comprised only of basic T-shirts and spaghetti-strap tank tops. 

Inspired to try and find something lightweight and a little more interesting, I headed to Madewell, where the vintage-inspired, embroidered aesthetic is currently very strong.

I instantly fell in love with this linen top — "inspired by a vintage find from Mexico" according to the brand's website — for its flirty cut, pretty embroidery and, well, the fact that it looks like a vintage find from Mexico. In the actual words of my mom, "I think I had that shirt in the '60s."

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Madewell embroidered wildfield top, $98, available at Madewell

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