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Margot Robbie's Half-Up Braided Hairstyle is Fully Perfect

What heat dome?

For most mortal humans, the heat dome and its accompanying wave of humidity has meant lots of sweat mixed with lots of frizz. Not for Margot Robbie, though. While on a press tour to promote her latest film Suicide Squad on Monday in Miami, she defied all laws of bad hair days with a half-up fishtail braid and soft waves. It has a bit of texture and grit — as would be expected any modern, non-pageant hairstyle — but frizz? Absolutely none.

A profile view of the other side shows that there's also a second, non-fishtail braid starting at the hairline and snaking its way around back. (Also: her sternum highlighter is on point.)

Sarah Potempa, the hairstylist who created the look, is known for her wizard-like braiding abilities and for her namesake curling iron, an auto-rotating tool she used to create Robbie's beachy waves. Our takeaway from this, of course, is that in order to pull off a good (fine, stellar) hair day in July, it takes Robbie's genetic makeup and Potempa's epic braiding skills. Time for the rest of us to let ourselves off the hook.

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