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Chantal's Risky Lace-Up Skinny Jeans

To side butt or not to side butt: that is the question.
Is that a tattoo or.... Photo: Made Gold

Is that a tattoo or.... Photo: Made Gold

Back in May, while interviewing designer Marta Goldschmied about her denim-focused clothing line Made Gold, the conversation turned to Bella and Gigi Hadid. The model sisters had just been photographed wearing the brand's side-lace black skinny jeans, appropriately called the "Betty," and it was one of the Los Angeles-based brand's biggest celebrity dressing moments yet. It got me thinking — insert Carrie Bradshaw voice — could I pull off such a daring pair of pants? I'm a pretty conservative dresser, and my aesthetic falls on the girlie side, but I couldn't get them out of my mind. So assuming I'd chicken out and return them, I bought the Bettys in black. (Disclosure: I had no hookup through the brand.) 

As soon as they arrived, I knew I had to keep the pants even though I had no idea how to wear them in a semi-dignified way. In our interview, Goldschmied suggested wearing them over eye-catching tights, a thin black thong that would blend into the laces or, for the extremely brave, with no underwear at all. (The last option scared me.) She also suggested tightening the laces at the hips so the gap is more narrow at the top. 

On a recent summer night, I laced up my pants and hit the town. (No underwear actually turned out to be the least stressful option ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.) I wore them with a long, short-sleeved white collared shirt that kept the hip area under wraps. No one gave me a second glance on the street or in the subway, which served as a good reminder that no matter how risky I think my outfit is, New York doesn't care and isn't looking. Several hours later, buoyed by the power of alcohol, I did a crazy thing: I tucked my shirt in. I know! And still, most of my friends didn't even notice that my side-butt had suddenly joined us for some bar-hopping.

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For now, I will continue to wear the Bettys with a long shirt. They feel cool and gothic and sexy and grungy in all of the right ways — ways I never feel during my "regular" life. All I need now is a drop of Bella's badass model attitude, and I'm all set. 

Betty jeans in black, $298, available at Made Gold

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