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Suki Waterhouse Wore the Best Outfit for Running Into Your Ex at Wimbledon

What, like you haven't had that problem?!
Sunglasses are ideal for avoiding eye contact with exes. Photo: Getty Images

Sunglasses are ideal for avoiding eye contact with exes. Photo: Getty Images

You may have heard this weekend that Bradley Cooper and girlfriend Irina Shayk had a bit of a lover's quarrel at Wimbledon this weekend, possibly over ex-girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. Did that actually happen? Who cares! We're using those rumors as the fan fiction basis to talk about Waterhouse's incredible look on Sunday. 

The model-slash-actress showed up wearing a pink, floral bustier-topped, satin dress by Stella McCartney's Fall 2016 collection, as you do to these sorts of things in English society. (I don't make the rules, I just learn about them on "Made in Chelsea.") It's a very casual look that says, "Remember me? I'm hot!" To add a dash of boho romance, Waterhouse slipped on a wrap, platform heels and ornate, round sunglasses.

She finished up the look with tousled hair and a relatively bare face. It all has the air of, "Oh, this old thing? I just threw it on leaving the house after shagging some ridiculously good looking, posh British man." The reality of the situation is that Waterhouse is an incredibly attractive, powerful woman on her own who probably doesn't even care about dumb ol' Bradley Cooper and just dressed as fabulously as she would any other day — but isn't it fun to pretend? After all, the best revenge, they say, is living well. 

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And looking really, really hot.

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