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What We're Packing for Our Summer Vacations

Swimsuits, sandals and lots of denim.
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Fourth of July weekend is behind us, which means summer is officially in full swing and we've all been struck with a burning desire to get the hell out of the city and relax in or near a serene body of water. 

Since we Fashionista editors share a tendency to spend as much time planning our vacation #aesthetic as we do the vacation itself, we thought we'd share some of the best finds we'll be packing, along with a few links to shop them, just in case. (And for more summer shopping help, check out our guides to lipstick, sandals and how to dress for an interview.)

Alyssa Vingan, Executive Editor

Dhani Mau, Editorial Director

Tyler McCall, Deputy Editor

Chantal Fernandez, Senior Editor

Maura Brannigan, Senior Editor

Maria Bobila, Associate Editor

Stephanie Saltzman, Beauty Editor

Karina Hoshikawa, Assistant Editor

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All photos: Nina Frazier-Hansen/Fashionista