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Taylor Swift's Fourth of July Party Weekend Was Basically a Solid and Striped Ad

And consider us sold, honestly.

In America, the Fourth of July is so much more than a day to barbecue, watch fireworks, and laze around by the beach: it's a day to marvel at Taylor Swift and her incredibly confusing, massive posse of Famous Friends. (Uzo Aduba, Tom Hiddleston and Gigi Hadid walk into a Rhode Island Mansion...)

Considering the very recent explosion of pictures from the weekend on Instagram, Team Swift has apparently granted guests approval to share visual evidence of the Party of the Year, and if nothing else, damn do these things serve as a serious ad campaign for swimwear brand Solid and Striped. Look at that image of Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Swift, and tell me you aren't sold on the all-American (er, or British, sorry Cara — apparently she couldn't break theme by wearing one of sister Poppy's designs for the brand) vision they're shilling. Even Alana Haim got in on the action in the sporty black and white two-piece she chose for the seaside photo op. Was Taylor Swift's Fourth of July fest #spon content?

I may not be buying that Swift and Hiddleston are really and truly a couple (come on) but I am buying that red, white and blue striped one piece for my next beach excursion. It might just be for the Rockaways, but maybe next year, Taylor will find space in that giant mansion on a hill for me to come party with her #squad. I make a mean cocktail, Tay!

The Anne-Marie Americana striped one piece, $168, and the Jane Americana striped top, $88, and bottom, $88; The Elle top, $78, and bottom, $78, all Solid and Striped.

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