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Hey, Quick Question: Why Are Victoria's Secret Angels So Naked on Instagram Lately?

Like, really, fully naked.

Welcome to our new column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion industry. Enjoy!

Over the weekend, while combing through Instagram, as I am wont to do while lazing about in bed avoiding going to the gym at all costs, I noticed something: A lot of nudity. To be more specific, the very in-shape nudity of several Victoria's Secret Angels. Sometimes it was candid, sometimes it was professional, but it was definitely more than we're used to seeing on models' perfectly curated accounts. Don't believe me? Proof from the last few weeks: 

Hey, listen, I'm not here to shame anyone — if I was in the absolute prime of my physical life thanks to that VS Angel contract, you bet your ass (and mine) I'd be posting up naked on Instagram. (Sorry, Mom and Dad!) I know it's summer, so everyone's all, "Sun's out, buns out!" And I guess if my job was to model underwear every day, I'd be wanting to go commando a few days too. But is there some kind of Angel conspiracy happening? A group text where everyone decided it was time to unleash the naked #content on the world? What beach does one even go to so that one might dump glitter on one's naked body? (Asking for a friend.) 

There are lots of questions to be asked here, but really, do any of those matter when these Angels are so clearly feeling themselves? Nah, not really. Go forth and prosper, ladies. 

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