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The Sports Bra Taking Tyler from Barre to Boxing

Ban bouncing for good.
No bouncing, guaranteed. Available at Victoria's Secret.

No bouncing, guaranteed. Available at Victoria's Secret.

At the start of the year, like any responsible, well-intentioned adult, I embarked on a fitness journey to a ~*better me*~. I signed up for ClassPass, ditched the daily Chipotle lunches and splurged on new activewear. In all my impulse purchases, there was one item that gave me pause: the sports bra. I am what polite people of society might refer to as "well-endowed" (to borrow a quote from Creepy Dad Joe Simpson, "You can't cover those suckers up!"), which makes finding something that fits right and gives support especially tricky. This is mostly because a large percentage of sports bras on the market come sized XS - XL, which is pretty meaningless when it comes to boobs, if we're being honest. 

Thankfully, Victoria's Secret makes sports bras in band and cup sizes, and this high-impact, front-close sports bra is an absolute dream: Zip it up, and poof! All bouncing is gone. I've worn it everywhere from barre to kickboxing class, and trust me, this thing works. My only recommendation? Go down one size — it will be crazy tight at first, but like many bras, these stretch out with use. 

Victoria's Secret front-close sports bra, $35, available at Victoria's Secret.

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