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How Alexa Chung Is Using Her App to Help Emerging British Designers

Villoid Emerge will help smaller designers promote their brands on an international scale.
Alexa Chung at the Dior Cruise presentation in London. Photo: Getty Images

Alexa Chung at the Dior Cruise presentation in London. Photo: Getty Images

Alexa Chung has long used her visibility on the international fashion scene to promote up-and-coming designers, whether by partnering with Vogue UK on its "Future of Fashion" video series or serving as an ambassador to the British Fashion Council.

The next step? Providing a platform for emerging British talent on her mobile fashion app, Villoid. Chung joined the app, which allows users to create shoppable inspiration boards, in November of 2014, helping to relaunch and rebrand it. On Thursday, Villoid announced it will launch a new initiative, dubbed Villoid Emerge, to help emerging brands get their names on an international stage. According to Jeanette Dyhre-Kvisvik, Villoid CEO, Emerge was conceived to meet user demand. "Coupled with Alexa's dedicated drive and passion in supporting emerging designers and brands, our community had begun requesting for lesser known brands to be featured on Villoid," she said in the release. "Simultaneously, hundreds of smaller brands reached out to us, asking to showcase and sell their collections on our platform."

Brands can apply on Villoid's website to be featured on Emerge, with Chung and the Villoid team deciding which ones would benefit the most from a presence on the app. There are a few requirements: a webshop, high quality images and a "product data feed" to be submitted once admitted to Emerge. Chung also has the backing of the BFC's Newgen initiative.

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