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The Addictive Candle Stephanie Just Discovered

Vanilla and bourbon: What's not to like?
Voluspa Corta Maison Candle in Bourbon Vanille, $28, available at

Voluspa Corta Maison Candle in Bourbon Vanille, $28, available at

Vanilla — as a scent, flavor and descriptor — has gotten a bad rap, basically becoming interchangeable with "boring" or plain. Sorry, but I truly don't care. Ever since my teen days of spritzing on way too much Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace Body Mist, I've been a sucker for a gourmand scent. If loving vanilla is basic, consider me one notch below Allison Williams posing for a highly staged photo with vanilla ice cream (which was a real thing that actually happened, by the way). And so it was love at first whiff for me with Voluspa's Corta Maison Candle in Bourbon Vanille. 

As a candle enthusiast — er, hoarder? — I keep my apartment stocked with plenty at all times. While some of them look prettier than they smell or vice versa, this one is as gorgeous to look at (the white, gold-flecked glass holder comes with a nice, weighty lid to keep dust from accumulating) as it is to sniff. The base is creamy and cookie-like, which sounds childish and a bit cloying... but it's not! All of that sweetness is grounded by a bourbon note that makes the whole thing much more adult-friendly, with lots of depth and spice. Let's just say the next time my neighbors decide to cook a particularly pungent-smelling meal, I'll be armed with the chicest line of defense ever.

Voluspa Corta Maison Candle in Bourbon Vanille, $28, available at

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